Introducing The Duncan Bucknell Company (and of course, Duncan Bucknell)

By: Ian McClure

I've been meaning to have Duncan Bucknell as the IP Market Player of the Week for some time. Indeed, Mr. Bucknell frequents all of the IP blog conversations that I do, so I've read his perspective on different facets of the IP Market - usually equipped with a bit of humor, which is always a relief. On Duncan Bucknell's  IP Think Tank Blog, one of my favorite IP blog conversations took place last year, titled "What is IP Strategy Anyway?" I encourage you ... Read More

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Tangible IP Creates New Look to IAM 250

By: Ian McClure

Back in June, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine first published the IAM 250, which I posted to IP Prospective with some color.  As a refresher, the IAM 250 is "[a] public, searchable directory of those individuals who offer world-class services relating to the development and implementation of strategies which enable IP owners to maximise the value of their rights portfolios."  It is, as advertised, a listing of the world's leading IP strategists. Jordan Hatcher over at the Tangible IP blog has put together a ... Read More

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Introducing: IPVision, Inc.

By: Ian McClure

A product of MIT investments and technologies, IPVision, Inc. now provides analytical and consulting services for companies and clients needing strategic patent analysis and patent portfolio assessment.  IPVision harvests its own human capital in professionals experienced in IP management, specializing in assessing corporate positions based on its intellectual property strength and future outlook.  Specifically, according to their site: IPVision services build upon our broad-based experience, public and proprietary datasets and the IPVision analytics platform. Project services and reports span all perspectives of IP issues, ... Read More

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Intellectual Asset Management Creates the IAM 250

By: Ian McClure

Intellectual Asset Management magazine has created the IAM 250, a non-exclusive list of the world's leading intellectual property strategists.  The list includes professional attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other business persons that remain at the frontier of the IP market and the practices that are becoming essential to managing corporate intangible assets.   The list is invitation-only, which requires at least three references and recommendations.  Inclusion consists of a bio in the directory and access to the members-only online discussion board, a community of dialogue ... Read More

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