IPBC 2011

By: Ian McClure

The Intellectual Property Business Congress (IPBC) 2011 is fast approaching, June 19-21 in San Francisco.  This is one of the premier IP market events of the year.  IPXI is one of the event's sponsors, and will have a booth in the exhibit hall.   I look forward to seeing you all there! Read More

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New article in Intellectual Property Magazine: The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide

By: Ian McClure

I recently published a new article in Intellectual Property Magazine titled "The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide".  The piece discusses the need for a more efficient licensing model with market enhancing solutions providing accessibility and elminating transaction costs associated with the traditional bilateral licensing model.  Read the article HERE. Read More

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On to IPXI and In Pursuit of Standards, Efficiency and Transparency in the IP Marketplace

By: Ian McClure

Please forgive my temporary hiatus from IP Prospective updates, for the last two weeks have been hectic.  In the last two weeks, I have made the decision to leave the private practice of intellectual property law and join Gerard Pannekoek's team at IPXI in the pursuit of standards, efficiency and transparency in the IP marketplace.  I have followed the development of IPXI closely for over two years now, as I have posted about IPXI more than once on this medium.  As an outsider, I have watched the growth of the idea into ... Read More

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Creating a Market for IP Rights: European Commission Takes Important Step

By: Ian McClure

The discussion of how best to create a liquid and transparent market for intellectual property rights never gets old, and every step taken to offer new and complete information to further that discussion is a step in the right direction. The discussion has morphed from ideas to talking points to individual and collaborative research and publications (See Mark Lemley of Stanford Law and Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures' article "How to Make a Patent Market") . . . and now to the ... Read More

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IPXI Names New President, Aims High With Unit License Rights

By: Ian McClure

The Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI) has announced that it has hired a new President, Gerard J. Pannekoek.   This looks promising for IPXI, as Pannekoek was the former President and COO of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the world's first multi-national and multi-sector exchange for reducing and trading greenhouse gas emissions.  His leadership there led to a successful IPO within twelve months of his employment. The Intellectual Property Exchange International explains itself as follows: The Intellectual Property Exchange International provides an innovative approach to ... Read More

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The Significance of Intellectual Property Auctions Today

By: Ian McClure

An interesting piece by Jackie Hutter over at the IP Asset Maximizer Blog uses some narrow empirical data offered by Marcus Malek of the Intangitopia Blog to dispell the notion that intellectual property auctions have provided any benefits for individual inventors or patent holders.  The piece was written in response to this NY Times article by Steve Lohr, which claims that "patent auctions offer protections to inventors."  Ms. Hutter "wonder[s] if the fact-checkers took a break when this article was presented for publication," adding that ... Read More

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The Future of IP: Notes from the ICAP Ocean Tomo Summer 2009 Conference

By: Ian McClure

I apologize for the break in action. I have been on the road almost continuously since attending last week's ICAP/Ocean Tomo "IP Markets 2009" Summer Auction and Conference in Chicago.   Thanks to those who have messaged or emailed in search of the "full report" I promised before the event, I have not been derailed from my mission and will hereby "give the people what they want." We all know the results of the auction.  For the second straight auction, the numbers were disappointing.  ... Read More

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Introducing Invotex Group

By: Ian McClure

Invotex Group is a consulting company with offices along the Eastern shore in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia.   According to their site, they provide accounting, financial, economic and regulatory consulting services to the business and legal communities.  Of course, I wouldn't feature them here if they were just a consulting company.  They also have an extensive IP management and consulting service, performing intellectual property transaction, compliance and management services for inventors, IP owners and licensors.  They do a significant amount of IP licensing work, including ... Read More

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Ocean Tomo Gets Endorsement From Caisse des Dépôts for European Patent Ratings System

By: Ian McClure

As I said, the Ocean Tomo brand is still strong, and in fact continues to grow.  Just a week after news hit the fan that Ocean Tomo was selling its transactions practice and would be falling apart soon hereafter (not true), we receive word that Ocean Tomo and French bank Caisse des Dépôts have agreed to a working protocol to develop the first European patent ratings system.  No money has yet changed hands as a result of the deal, but it is said ... Read More

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Intellectual Asset Management Creates the IAM 250

By: Ian McClure

Intellectual Asset Management magazine has created the IAM 250, a non-exclusive list of the world's leading intellectual property strategists.  The list includes professional attorneys, accountants, consultants, and other business persons that remain at the frontier of the IP market and the practices that are becoming essential to managing corporate intangible assets.   The list is invitation-only, which requires at least three references and recommendations.  Inclusion consists of a bio in the directory and access to the members-only online discussion board, a community of dialogue ... Read More

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