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Ian McClure is a former corporate & securities and intellectual property law attorney with Wyatt, Tarrant, & Combs, LLP, and currently he is in-house IP transactional counsel with Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI). IPXI is the world’s first financial exchange focused on intellectual property.

Ian has researched and written extensively on the exciting issues of IP protection, IP monetization, IP management, IP finance, and IP investment (See Published Articles). He created IP Prospective to provide a central platform of discovery and discourse for all entrepreneurial endeavors involving intellectual assets. As he tells people daily, “IP is not the future, but efficiently managed IP is!”

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Trevor M. Blum is a former Associate in the Chicago-based, valuation practice group of Ocean Tomo, LLC., an intellectual property (IP) consultancy. Additionally, he provided instrumental research support to Intellectual Property Exchange International, Inc., an IP exchange start-up. Trevor holds a B.S. from Indiana University and is currently an MBA candidate at the University of Cambridge, focusing on international business and finance. His interests also include entrepreneurship, economics, and informational visualization. He enjoys running and cycling in his free time. Trevor seeks to bring a transnational business perspective to the blog.

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