The worldlondon-eye’s IP and financial markets are interconnected, turbulent and difficult to navigate.  Luckily the International IP Strategists Association (INTIPSA) exists to provide guidance through rough, economic waters.

Headquartered in London, INTIPSA is a professional organization with the desire to build a global community of IP strategists, including in-house practitioners, specialists, external advisors and students.  The group’s agenda includes raising awareness and professionalism of IP strategy and fostering a marketplace of strategic services.  Interestingly, the organization was cultivated in late 2009 by UK-based individuals listed in IAM magazine’s IAM Strategists 250 – The World’s Leading IP Strategists.  These professionals recognized the need for IP to become integrated into management strategy and, as such, set out in 2010 to create INTIPSA.  During this time, significant support was given by, among others, Coller IP, a UK-based IP consultancy, and IAM magazine, which provided coverage of the group’s founding.

Albeit an international focused organization, INTIPSA is seemingly rooted in the UK.  A majority of the group’s board members and supporting partners have professional ties to Britain.  Nevertheless, INTIPSA’s growing number of international members and recently formed partnerships with non-UK based organizations, such as International Institute for Intellectual Property Management (I3PM), suggest the group will expand beyond the British Isles.   INTIPSA’s decision to headquarter in London, an international hub of culture, will likely also support the group’s global reach.

I truly look forward to INTIPSA’s membership growth, especially among young professionals.  Hopefully, the organization will develop a group of IP thought leaders to sail the future, uncharted, international economy.

This week’s non-sequitur is Mark Cuban’s blog entry on patent law—an interesting read.

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