Introducing: PatentFreedom

By: Ian McClure

 PatentFreedom is a full service establishment offering subscription-based assistance in fighting the threat of non-practicing entities (NPE's).  NPE's are a growing threat to operating companies with patent portfolios of their own, in that NPE's don't hold their patents for core operational purposes, but instead use strategic enforcement activities such as licensing and litigation to turn a profit.  This use of patents has grown into a threatening phenomenon in the technology industries at an alarming rate.  PatentFreedom sets out to educate operating companies ... Read More

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Monetizing IP: Investing in Defensive IP Aggregators

By: Ian McClure

The success of "patent trolls" has been the root of a new anti-patent troll model implemented to defeat the patent troll movement and instill value in precious IP. RPX, a San Francisco-based start-up, is a "defensive IP aggregator". It is a firm that buys up free-market patents in an effort to safeguard tech companies from expensive patent lawsuits. The firm sells memberships to companies based on the company's operating income, and then turns around and buys patents on the market that relate, ... Read More

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