ipvision2A product of MIT investments and technologies, IPVision, Inc. now provides analytical and consulting services for companies and clients needing strategic patent analysis and patent portfolio assessment.  IPVision harvests its own human capital in professionals experienced in IP management, specializing in assessing corporate positions based on its intellectual property strength and future outlook.  Specifically, according to their site:

IPVision services build upon our broad-based experience, public and proprietary datasets and the IPVision analytics platform. Project services and reports span all perspectives of IP issues, from understanding one’s portfolio and position to competitive issues and generating returns through monetization and commercial strategies.

Advantages of incorporating our project resources and platform into your process, whether a strategic review, quick feedback report, or detailed analysis, include the ability to garner valuable experience and insights without committing to software subscriptions or learning curves. By collaborating with our service resources on report interpretation, you expand communication capacity with your internal stakeholders.

 This kind of service can be important for all strategic IP needs, including legal and corporate dilemmas.  That is why IPVision, Inc. is this week’s IP Market Player

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