think_tankI’ve been meaning to have Duncan Bucknell as the IP Market Player of the Week for some time. Indeed, Mr. Bucknell frequents all of the IP blog conversations that I do, so I’ve read his perspective on different facets of the IP Market - usually equipped with a bit of humor, which is always a relief. On Duncan Bucknell’s  IP Think Tank Blog, one of my favorite IP blog conversations took place last year, titled “What is IP Strategy Anyway?” I encourage you all to read the comments.

The Duncan Bucknell Company, and of course, Duncan Bucknell, is a true IP Strategist outfit.   Take the tag line from its website to be sure:

Using intellectual property to inform and leverage business strategy, globally; creating and capturing value; using intellectual assets in more ways more effectively;
out-smarting your competition; winning disputes; driving collaboration and innovation; turning threats into opportunities and opportunities into reality.

 The firm offers services from commercialization efforts to global branding methods.

For a wonderful and central place for IP information and IP-focused current events, check the IP Think Tank.  If you don’t have such a healthy fascination with IP as I do, but you wish to stay abreast of IP topics in industries such as Pharma & Biotech, get the weekly updates.  If you don’t desire to check every IP blog on the internet daily, as I do, just check IP Think Tank’s Global Week in Review for a roundup of the best IP articles across the internet.

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