IP Prospective is a source of information and a medium for idea exchange at the intersects of intellectual property (IP), law, finance, and corporate strategy. This weblog will hopefully bring together likeminded professionals, corporate executives, academics, and other interested parties that desire to create a community of discourse and discovery regarding past, present, and future IP trends and innovations.

The weblog was founded in 2008 by Ian McClure as a means for staying at the forefront of the IP market through timely research and thoughtful discourse. His interest and experience lies with IP law and IP’s creation, protection, and management within the corporate context. Recently, Trevor Blum joined the blog as a contributing weekly author. He desires to bring a financial and international perspective to the blog. Collectively, we seek to build off each other’s strengths and interests, developing thought provoking debate.

Our fascination with IP management has been shaped by our experiences, corporate developments, and the never-ending state of flux in which this country’s IP laws and financial markets remain. Nevertheless, management of IP continues to excite, fascinate and bewilder executives and professionals alike, which keeps our jobs and studies both busy and captivating.

It is our hope that this online magazine will serve as a center of information and ideas for those with a keen interest in the future relationship of IP and business. Indeed, while some may measure the success of this blog by its quantity of visitors, our satisfaction is uniquely based on the quality of our readers.

We will do our best to engage the audience with routine posts that incite thought and update readers on current IP happenings.

Welcome to IP Prospective!