The Value of IP as a Commodity

By: Ian McClure

I recently published an article in Issue 47 of IAM magazine titled "The Value of IP as a Commodity".  The article is a comprehensive description of IPXI and the ULR contract model for non-exclusive licensing.  In addition, the article highlights the ongoing debate between IP professionals and IP market participants regarding the inefficiencies in IP valuation and technology transfer and how best to resolve these problems.  The natural progression in IP monetization methods has led to the commoditization of IP assets, such ... Read More

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Tangible IP Creates New Look to IAM 250

By: Ian McClure

Back in June, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine first published the IAM 250, which I posted to IP Prospective with some color.  As a refresher, the IAM 250 is "[a] public, searchable directory of those individuals who offer world-class services relating to the development and implementation of strategies which enable IP owners to maximise the value of their rights portfolios."  It is, as advertised, a listing of the world's leading IP strategists. Jordan Hatcher over at the Tangible IP blog has put together a ... Read More

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Introducing IP Media Group

By: Ian McClure

Producers of the Intellectual Asset Management magazine, among other publications and IP-related endeavors, the IP Media Group has made its mark in the IP transaction market.  I read IAM magazine routinely, as it is truly the best source for IP transaction-related information.  I posted recently on the IAM 250, the directory source for the world's 250 leading IP market professionals.  This is just one of the great ideas coming from this IP "media" guru, meant to bring a little more transparency to ... Read More

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IP Valuation Revisited

By: Ian McClure

A few months ago a post on Joff Wild's IAM blog sparked a great debate about the valuation of IP, the difference in valuation contexts, and the viability of a practical approach.  Jumping into the discussion late, Michael Martin of Broken Symmetry posted a "final word" comment on Wild's post and on Broken Symmetry.  A few of his words moved me to revisit the IP valuation discussion on IP Prospective with a few of the standard-setting initiatives that have commenced, old and new.  One of ... Read More

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Intellectual Asset Management - “Beginning of a Brave New World”

By: Ian McClure

The new issue of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) was released with some fantastic features.  One of note, written by finance editor Nigel Page, touches on the world-wide recession with a force of optimism for IP as a real asset class.  Asserting that the financial meltdown is actually the very thing that will lead to IP as a tradeable asset, Page writes that, "[a]lthough everyone acknowledges that these are difficult and uncertain times, the general view is that IP and intangibles in general ... Read More

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