globeBack in June, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine first published the IAM 250, which I posted to IP Prospective with some color.  As a refresher, the IAM 250 is “[a] public, searchable directory of those individuals who offer world-class services relating to the development and implementation of strategies which enable IP owners to maximise the value of their rights portfolios.”  It is, as advertised, a listing of the world’s leading IP strategists.

Jordan Hatcher over at the Tangible IP blog has put together a new spin on the IAM 250, consisting of word cloud visuals and interactive maps.  I find the interactive maps extremely helpful, and interesting.  It shows the geographical breakdown (and clusters) of IP strategists all over the world.  For example, Silicon Valley and Chicago have large contingencies.    I encourage you to check out these tools.  Thanks to Jordan Hatcher for putting these together, and of course to IAM and Joff Wild for providing the data and original listing.

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  1. Thanks for the post Ian! Hope you enjoy the map. If you have any comments or suggestions or see any corrections, please do let me know. Chicago does indeed have a concentration of listings, almost all on the North Side!

  2. Ian McClure

    Anytime Jordan. This was a very interesting and refreshing view of the directory.

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