Intellectual Property and Eminent Domain: A plausible combination?

By: Ian McClure

Recently I had a conversation with two other attorneys that reinvigorated an interest in this topic: Whether the government could take intellectual property whenever it deemed appropriate, use it for a public purpose, and pay the previous owner just compensation. In other words, could IP become subject to the government's eminent domain powers (or limitation on its powers, however you decide to view the 5th Amendment), similar to real and other personal property? I had spent a long time mulling over this ... Read More

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Venture Capital vs. Venetian Capital

By: Ian McClure

An investment banker friend sent me a very interesting blog post from Broken Symmetry.  It creatively considers an historical analogy, at the intersect of business method and creative process, between 15th Century Venice and modern day Silicon Valley.  The piece goes on to discuss comparisons between the two, such as their isolated position from other major metropolitan centers (Florence and Rome, LA and New York), or their aspiring classes of artisans and entrepreneurs.  There also exists a parallel between the investors of both ... Read More

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Intellectual Asset Management - “Beginning of a Brave New World”

By: Ian McClure

The new issue of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) was released with some fantastic features.  One of note, written by finance editor Nigel Page, touches on the world-wide recession with a force of optimism for IP as a real asset class.  Asserting that the financial meltdown is actually the very thing that will lead to IP as a tradeable asset, Page writes that, "[a]lthough everyone acknowledges that these are difficult and uncertain times, the general view is that IP and intangibles in general ... Read More

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Welcome to IP Prospective

By: Ian McClure

IP Prospective will be a source of information and a medium for intellectual exchange at the intersect of intellectual property, law, investment, money, and corporate action. It is my hope that this online magazine will serve as a center of information and ideas for those with a keen interest in the future relationship of intellectual property and business. Indeed, while some may measure the success of this weblog by the quantity of readers it accrues, it is the quality of readers that will make the success uniquely ... Read More

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