New article in Intellectual Property Magazine: The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide

By: Ian McClure

I recently published a new article in Intellectual Property Magazine titled "The Value of Efficiency and Transparency in IP Licensing: Let the Market Decide".  The piece discusses the need for a more efficient licensing model with market enhancing solutions providing accessibility and elminating transaction costs associated with the traditional bilateral licensing model.  Read the article HERE. Read More

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On to IPXI and In Pursuit of Standards, Efficiency and Transparency in the IP Marketplace

By: Ian McClure

Please forgive my temporary hiatus from IP Prospective updates, for the last two weeks have been hectic.  In the last two weeks, I have made the decision to leave the private practice of intellectual property law and join Gerard Pannekoek's team at IPXI in the pursuit of standards, efficiency and transparency in the IP marketplace.  I have followed the development of IPXI closely for over two years now, as I have posted about IPXI more than once on this medium.  As an outsider, I have watched the growth of the idea into ... Read More

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“Cashing In On the Sale of Ideas” - IPXI featured in Chicago Sun-Times article

By: Ian McClure

The article was published a couple weeks ago, and although short and sweet, it is a good reminder about the much-anticipated Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), which is slated to open its trading floors later this year.   In the article, IPXI CEO David Silverman reminds us why we are so anxious for transparency in the IP market: "Intellectual property is not a transparent marketplace. . . [c]ompanies spend billions on research and development and some of these innovations have the potential to be ... Read More

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Corporate Intangibles Value Down, but Transparency is Key

By: Ian McClure

At one time, it was believed that at least 70% of all corporate value was in a corporation's intangible assets. This percentage, while probably assuming too much for many companies, and also too little for others, has been agreed upon by numerous IP professionals. Apparently, the "average" is stumbled upon by subtracting a corporation's tangible assets from its market capitalization, the remaining assets presumably being IP. It is true that tangible assets have made up less and less of a corporation's market ... Read More

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Monetizing IP: An IP Stock Market (of sorts)

By: Ian McClure

I might be stretching it a bit to call it a stock market (this early), but developments are on the horizon to push IP in that direction. The success of public auction events such as the Ocean Tomo auctions has sparked a new concept that will continue the trend toward liquidity of IP value. The Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), of which Ocean Tomo is the founder and majority owner, is "the world's first financial exchange with an intellectual property focus." With its ... Read More

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