invotexInvotex Group is a consulting company with offices along the Eastern shore in Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia.   According to their site, they provide accounting, financial, economic and regulatory consulting services to the business and legal communities.  Of course, I wouldn’t feature them here if they were just a consulting company.  They also have an extensive IP management and consulting service, performing intellectual property transaction, compliance and management services for inventors, IP owners and licensors.  They do a significant amount of IP licensing work, including inventory, valuation, compliance, management, revenue forecasts, and even training.  I like a particular quote on their site, which states that, “[d]espite the surge in licensing, IP license revenue remains one of the most poorly managed and under-utilized assets in corporate America.”  This is why we need firms like Invotex that are proficient in the language and business methods of the IP transaction market. 

I feature Invotex Group because of its recently developed “Royalty Connection” service, which provides further transparency and price information to the IP licensing world.  Royalty Connection touts itself as follows:

“[Royalty Connection] provides instant online access to royalty and license information on all types of technology, patents, trade secrets and know-how in industries ranging from semiconductors to computer hardware and software and from pharmaceuticals to medical devices. The data is aggregated from arms-length transactions, litigation settlements and court-awarded royalties from 1990 to the present, and it is continually updated.”

Registration to use the royalty-rate service is free.  What can be better than lending transparency to the IP transaction market for free?  This is why they are this week’s IP Market Player.

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