Main Street Catalysts:  Patents, Immersion, and Passion

By: Trevor Blum

US economic news has been notably bleak over the past month:   GDP growth figures have been revised downward; US long-term debt has lost its AAA-rating; payrolls are reported (and expected to continue) to rise at a syrupy pace; and buyer sentiment, as tracked by the Michigan Consumer Sentiment index, is falling. Additionally, developments outside of the US such as sovereign debt issues in Europe, have brought insult to financial injury, leaving insightful analyst, Mr. John Mauldin, to quote the 1987 R.E.M. song, ... Read More

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The Next Big Thing in Monetizing IP: A Natural Progression to Exchange-Traded Units

By: Ian McClure

The 1990s was the decade of information technology (IT) - a decade where information was important, but the use, disposition, and security of information became paramount.  The 2000s was the decade of intellectual property (IP) - a decade where an idea was royal, but exclusive rights to an idea became king.  Continuing the natural progression, we currently reside in the decade of intangible assets (IA) - a decade where innovation is the door to success, but ... Read More

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Invent for Humanity – A Transparent Marketplace for Humanitarian Tech Transfer & IP Licensing

By: Ian McClure

It has been some time since I have posted, but I thought that this matter is of high interest and importance to the technology transfer community and its profound impact on global development and humanitarian concerns. Today the Licensing Executives Society International, Inc. (LESI) and the Center for Applied Innovation (CAI) Announced the Invent for Humanity™ Technology Transfer Exchange Fair, a first-ever event bringing together a renowned collection of technology leaders, humanitarian organizations, and IP licensing & tech transfer professionals. Invent for Humanity ... Read More

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Creating a Market for IP Rights: European Commission Takes Important Step

By: Ian McClure

The discussion of how best to create a liquid and transparent market for intellectual property rights never gets old, and every step taken to offer new and complete information to further that discussion is a step in the right direction. The discussion has morphed from ideas to talking points to individual and collaborative research and publications (See Mark Lemley of Stanford Law and Nathan Myhrvold of Intellectual Ventures' article "How to Make a Patent Market") . . . and now to the ... Read More

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IP Finance Options: Understand Your Asset and Exit Strategy

By: Ian McClure

(A few words from a macro - and very general - point of perspective) Financing can come in all shapes and sizes. Generally, a start-up will (hopefully) have a great idea and leaders with a vision. However, many start-ups may be doing so without any assets - just a business plan. It may be hard to obtain financing - whether private equity or commercial loan or otherwise - with just an idea. Some start-ups, however, will be fortunate enough to have one (or ... Read More

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Lebron James and The Simple Economics of Brand Licensing

By: Ian McClure

In 2001, I saw Lebron James play in high school, and I remember telling myself, "that is the next Michael Jordan."  Of course, I meant this from a basketball standpoint, but you can't refer to Michael Jordan without refering to his brand.  MJ's brand is one of the most prolific in sports, and its longevity continues to impress.  It turned out that Lebron lived up to my basketball potential billing.  The brand of Lebron James has not disappointed either.   He recently partnered with McDonald's, ... Read More

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High-Quality IP = Higher Gross Margins = Higher Stock Price

By: Ian McClure

For publicly traded IP-rich companies, the correlation between the strength of an IP management and protection plan and stock price is obvious. The track record of the OT 300 pitted against the S&P 500 between 2006 and November 2008 shows this clearly.  The OT 300 outperformed the S&P 500 by just over 460 basis points.  We keep talking about the absence of IP value from corporate balance sheets.  It just may be this absence, in fact, that tends to push such IP-rich companies' stocks ... Read More

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Morgan Stanley Does Large IP Securitization Deal

By: Ian McClure

Could this be a resurgence of IP securitization?   Financial Times has reported a large IP securitization deal worth $250M executed by Morgan Stanley with Vertex Pharmaceuticals.  Investors' return will be based on milestone royalty payments received from sales of a drug that hasn't even been approved yet.   Before the recession, securitizing intangibles was becoming somewhat popular.  Many are aware of the Dunkin Donuts deal that hit headlines everywhere.  Still, these deals, along with most other deals, have dried up.  The Vertex deal shows ... Read More

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Proof of a Burgeoning Market: Patenting IP Valuation Methods

By: Ian McClure

I have discovered a very interesting post from a couple of weeks ago on the 12:01 Tuesday Blog, written by Chicago IP attorney Aaron Feigelson.   The post is titled "Patenting the Business of Patents", and discusses tangible evidence of the burgeoning IP marketplace by way of 14 U.S. patents (11 of which have been issued in the past 2 years) covering the method and business of valuing IP.  Feigelson lists all 14 of the patents, which I will recreate the list here: 7,493,262 Method for ... Read More

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The IP Valuation Conversation Continues . . .

By: Ian McClure

The newest Intellectual Asset Management Magazine (IAM) revisits what is probably the most important, and most troubling, issue pervading the IP market today: Intellectual property valuation.  I have visited the topic in a number of posts, and this trend probably won't stop anytime soon. The IAM article is another step in the right direction, authored by Pat Sullivan, who has taken the reigns on the conversation of standard setting in IP valuation.  While I encourage everyone to find this issue of IAM, if not every issue, I understand it ... Read More

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