new-york298Please forgive my temporary hiatus from IP Prospective updates, for the last two weeks have been hectic.  In the last two weeks, I have made the decision to leave the private practice of intellectual property law and join Gerard Pannekoek’s team at IPXI in the pursuit of standards, efficiency and transparency in the IP marketplace.  I have followed the development of IPXI closely for over two years now, as I have posted about IPXI more than once on this medium. 

As an outsider, I have watched the growth of the idea into a solid and forward-looking business plan.  Now, I get the opportunity to help the company commence the exchange of Unit License Rights and roll out other financial products focused on intellectual property.  As many IPBC 2010 attendees heard from Gerard’s presentation, the business model has been carefully crafted with insight from industry leaders and IP professionals around the globe.  IPXI is now days away from providing the first IP marketplace with a priority of providing standards, efficiency and transparency to an otherwise opaque and arbitrarily monitored market.  For years, I have truly believed that such a marketplace can exist and benefit both owners and potential licensees, furthering innovation and other progressive initiatives by eliminating transactional costs routinely associated with entering into and negotiating IP deals. 

I hope this change in occupation will not affect IP Prospective or the content that I have regularly provided on this medium for almost two years now.  If anything, it should allow me to gain greater insight into the market and its participants, and I hope to relay these experiences here.

On to the pursuit of standards, efficiency and transparency in creating the world’s leading IP marketplace . . .

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  1. Hi Ian

    I think this is a great move for you! You definitely think differently than other IP lawyers, and I am excited to see you go in this direction. Please email me your contact information. I would like to talk to you when you get settled to see how we might be able to work together.

    All the best,

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