IPI recently published an article in Issue 47 of IAM magazine titled “The Value of IP as a Commodity”.  The article is a comprehensive description of IPXI and the ULR contract model for non-exclusive licensing.  In addition, the article highlights the ongoing debate between IP professionals and IP market participants regarding the inefficiencies in IP valuation and technology transfer and how best to resolve these problems.  The natural progression in IP monetization methods has led to the commoditization of IP assets, such that they are now aggregated, sold, and otherwise transfered and, through IPXI, standardized and traded.  Learn the real value in this natural progression by reading “The Value of IP as a Commodity”.

Thanks to Joff Wild and IAM for allowing me to republish the article in its entirety.

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  1. Nice article. I agree almost completely with your diagnosis of the problems (summarized in the action plan on page 37). I am a little more skeptical about how ULR will succeed in solving them — at least given the status quo.

    The part of the plan that I am most skeptical about is the administrative costs of setting up and maintaining a clearinghouse for ULR. The accounting and auditing necessary to ensure compliance with the ULR contracts is not insubstantial. Keeping score isn’t as simple as checking publicly traded security prices — and even those scores can get too complicated to be tracked as we learned from the derivatives markets in 2008.

    Lowering transactions costs is definitely the right goal. Just not sure that ULR is going to get us there.

  2. Ian

    Thanks Michael. The accounting piece to this puzzle will be maintained by an established registry business. The monitoring and auditing will be a collaborative effort between IPXI and a third-party auditing partner. I agree that these tasks are not insubstantial.

    The ULR model will take time to become the efficient platform we think it can be. It will certainly require some adjusing of the model as it is rolled out.

  3. I think this decision give new opportunity for development of IP in the world.

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