Introducing: Altitude Capital Partners

By: Ian McClure

I would introduce the purpose and activities of Altitude Capital Partners myself, but an Amicus brief filed by Altitude Capital Partners (along with Ocean Tomo, Inflexion Point Strategy, IPotential, and others) with the U.S. Supreme Court in KSR International Co., v. Teleflex, Inc., introduces Altitude better than any summary I could come up with.  Therefore, Altitude Capital Partners invests in patents as well as the firms that own them. By specializing in the valuation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, Altitude serves, as one ... Read More

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Upcoming Important Dates in Intellectual Property

By: Ian McClure

March 26-27 - Ocean Tomo commences its IP Markets 2009 campaign with their Spring IP Auction at the Ritz in San Francisco.  This auction is important for Ocean Tomo, as they have recently undergone a restructuring, and rumor has it that their Summer and Fall auctions could be postponed due to the economic climate and its possible impact on pricing.  The conference begeins on Thursday, with three panel tracks covering IP in M&A, Buying & Selling IP, and Greentech IP and Investing.  ... Read More

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TALF Launched To Boost Securitized Lending; Thoughts on IP as “Eligible Collateral”

By: Ian McClure

In what has been touted as a sequel to TARP, the Fed and Treasury launched the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) today to try and shore up small business loans.  In short, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will lend up to $200 Billion to eligible owners of eligible collateral that seek funding.  I emphasize "eligible" because the money only applies to entities that own certain asset-backed securities that are of the highest grade of investment.  In other words, loans will ... Read More

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The Art of Lending on Art

By: Ian McClure

There is a discreet lending market in New York and few places beyond that trades cash for copyrights until the cash is returned with interest.  To play in this field might actually be less of a risk than banks lending on collateralized real estate, based on the fluctuation of real estate values.  Certain and valuable copyrights hold their value quite nicely, even in a recession.  A recent story in the New York Times (which also reached a few IP blogs such as IPKat) disclosed ... Read More

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Introducing: Royalty Pharma

By: Ian McClure

This week's IP Market Player is Royalty Pharma.  The name has begun to pop up in articles and conversations regarding attractive alternatives to raising equity capital. In a nutshell, the company purchases royalty interests in biopharmaceutical products and late-stage development drugs.  Through careful purchases, it provides liquidity to its shareholders investing in these royalty streams while assuming the risks of ownership in this IP.  This is an innovative product driven method of financing that is somewhat shielded from market volatility and stock price ... Read More

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Thoughts on Financing Discovery

By: Ian McClure

Our new fearless leader proclaimed in his inauguration speech that we need to “put science back in its rightful place.”  Political and religious leanings aside, the debate over this decree could start with considerations over how science and creativity is funded.  One of the obvious purposes for establishing intellectual property laws is to secure a method for incentivizing further creation.  That incentive, of course, is a monetary motive.  Creators continue to invent because they may own their creations and reap the rewards ... Read More

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IP Finance: A Topic For the Global Roundtable

By: Ian McClure

The method of using IP assets to raise funds has slowly been growing on  bankers and business executives alike.  In a knowledge society, small and mid cap enterprises need financing, and the only assets to use as collateral are intangible ones.  Fortunately, the world is accepting the idea that intellectual property is more than just a legal right and a burgeoning article of trade.  It is also a means for financing an entrepreneurial venture.  The concept is not completely new.  The film industry has employed a unique financing model based ... Read More

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Small-Caps Stay Afloat With IP Sale and License-back Schemes

By: Ian McClure

Currently, with the number of companies jumping under the Chapter 11 umbrella, one has to ask where all of the IP is going?  Maybe even more importantly, it is very apparent that some small to mid-cap companies are selling their ever-so-important patents just to stay afloat.  (For further reading on this topic, there is a great post on IP Finance today titled "Has the Great Patent Fire-Sale Started?", which recognizes this trend and ponders what this will mean for the respective patent markets).  A ... Read More

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