This week’s IP Market Player is Royalty Pharma.  The name has begun to pop up in articles and conversations regarding attractive alternatives to raising equity capital. In a nutshell, the company purchases royalty interests in biopharmaceutical products and late-stage development drugs.  Through careful purchases, it provides liquidity to its shareholders investing in these royalty streams while assuming the risks of ownership in this IP.  This is an innovative product driven method of financing that is somewhat shielded from market volatility and stock price fluctuations.  As the VP, Mike Herman, stated in a recent article in IAM, “[w]ith cash levels so low and the need for funding so robust, we’ve noted that people are getting much more interested in what we have to offer.”  Currently, the company holds nearly $5 billion in assets and royalty interests from ten to fourteen different products, providing diversity in its portfolio as well.

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