March 26-27 - Ocean Tomo commences its IP Markets 2009 campaign with their Spring IP Auction at the Ritz in San Francisco.  This auction is important for Ocean Tomo, as they have recently undergone a restructuring, and rumor has it that their Summer and Fall auctions could be postponed due to the economic climate and its possible impact on pricing.  The conference begeins on Thursday, with three panel tracks covering IP in M&A, Buying & Selling IP, and Greentech IP and Investing.  I will be at this event, and plan to report on it in detail afterward.

April 29 & 30th - Corporate IP Council Summit in New York - Chief IP counsel from Citi Group, UBS, Chevron Corporation, Sony, Siemens, GE, Motorola, AT&T, IBM, ABC . . . you get my point.  They will all be there discussing the crucial issues affecting IP management and protection from the corporate perspective.  At a time like this, where corporate intangible assets could mean swim or sink, these discussions are all the more important.

March 24-25 - 5th Annual IP Counsel Forum in San Jose - This is another look at IP from the corporate side, but this one should be called the “tech company” IP counsel forum, as IP Counsel from the following “techies” will be represented behind the microphone:

* Align Technology
* Applied Materials
* AT&T Intellectual Property, Inc.
* The Boeing Company
* CA
* Cargill
* Cisco
* Dell
* EBay
* Oracle
* Palm
* Plantronics, Inc
* Sun Microsystems
* Tandberg Television
* Virent Energy Systems
* Yahoo!


April 27 - May 1 - New York - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, Working Group VI final meeting to complete an IP Annex to the Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions.  UNCITRAL developed the Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions back in 2007, which is a set of international standards for secured transactions for member states to follow in offering low-cost credit.  It was published with a note, however, that it didn’t apply to the extent that it clashed with respective intellectual property laws, and for good reason.  It was promulgated with a focus on tangible collateral and receivables.  Therefore, UNCITRAL created the Working Group VI for the purpose of drafting an IP Annex to the Guide, which will purport to create international standards with regard to IP finance.  Such standards should have a huge impact on the burgeoning practice of securing financing with intangible assets.

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