IP Prospective will be a source of information and a medium for intellectual exchange at the intersect of intellectual property, law, investment, money, and corporate action.

It is my hope that this online magazine will serve as a center of information and ideas for those with a keen interest in the future relationship of intellectual property and business. Indeed, while some may measure the success of this weblog by the quantity of readers it accrues, it is the quality of readers that will make the success uniquely satisfying.

My fascination with intellectual property management has been shaped by different corporate trends and the never-ending state of flux in which this country’s IP laws remain. Nevertheless, management of intellectual property continues to excite, fascinate and bewilder executives and professionals alike, which keeps my job both busy and captivating.

I am a corporate & securities and intellectual property law attorney, but my interest and experience lies with intellectual property and its management within the corporate context. This forum will hopefully bring together likeminded professionals, corporate executives, other business persons, academics, and any other interested parties that desire to create a community of discourse and discovery regarding everything prospective about intellectual property, its laws, and its efficient management.

I will do my best to engage the audience with routine posts that provoke thought and update readers on current IP happenings.

Welcome to IP Prospective!


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