TALF Launched To Boost Securitized Lending; Thoughts on IP as “Eligible Collateral”

By: Ian McClure

In what has been touted as a sequel to TARP, the Fed and Treasury launched the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (TALF) today to try and shore up small business loans.  In short, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York will lend up to $200 Billion to eligible owners of eligible collateral that seek funding.  I emphasize "eligible" because the money only applies to entities that own certain asset-backed securities that are of the highest grade of investment.  In other words, loans will ... Read More

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China Vows to Turn More Patents Into Profits

By: Ian McClure

China's State Intellectual Property Office posted a statement today on their site titled "Turning More Patents into Profits", detailing some of the reasons why China has such a high patent application rate, but such a low transformation rate.  Transformation, of course, means turning the patent into a product and a source for obtaining cash.  Of note was a quick mention of amendments to China's Patent Law, which are currently in the works and expected to take effect on October 1.  According to ... Read More

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The Art of Lending on Art

By: Ian McClure

There is a discreet lending market in New York and few places beyond that trades cash for copyrights until the cash is returned with interest.  To play in this field might actually be less of a risk than banks lending on collateralized real estate, based on the fluctuation of real estate values.  Certain and valuable copyrights hold their value quite nicely, even in a recession.  A recent story in the New York Times (which also reached a few IP blogs such as IPKat) disclosed ... Read More

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On Monopoly and Intellectual Property

By: Ian McClure

Headlines of late have concerned themselves with competition, or the lack thereof, created by certain adopted business methods or maneuvers. With the inauguration of a new President came a proposed tougher stance on antitrust issues. Obama appointed Christine A. Varney to head the Justice Department's antitrust division in a move that was meant to send a warning signal that the new administration was cracking down on companies vying for monopoly market positions. Google is not new to the monopoly discussion. Varney has already ... Read More

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The IP Audit: Finding Intangible Value in a Tangible Crisis

By: Ian McClure

While many companies have chosen to cut costs and ride the recession wave, some savvy companies are taking this time to discover new value in their company; value in the intangibles.  Although some executives equate "cost-effeciency" with cutting employees and holiday parties, others are finding undiscovered or underutilized intellectual property and turning it into a new profit center.   While IP value generally isn't included on a balance sheet, its distinctive worth to a company shines at a time when standard revenue streams demonstrate ... Read More

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Considering the Role of the “Sophisticated Investor” in Intellectual Property

By: Ian McClure

Players in the financial investment sector have forever heeded to the wayward movements of the "sophisticated investor".  The exclusive club of well-to-do money-savvy individuals have made a killing on that very title.  Institutional investors, funds, VC's and other financial block veterans have tossed silly amounts of coin into a pool, all because the pool-keeper deemed himself a "sophisticated  investor".  Two months ago, you could have asked anybody on Wall Street if Bernie Madoff was a "sophisticated investor", and any outlier answer would ... Read More

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