imcFor this week’s IP Market Player of the Week, I am stepping away from the sector of the IP market focused on managing, exchanging, and/or investing in IP as a tradable asset, and stepping into the sector of the IP market focused on brand creation.  While IP Prospective allocates a lot of its attention to the former, which covers patents and an occasional copyright, intellectual property in the shape of a brand name holds just as much or more value in many cases.

The spotlight this week is on IMC Licensing, a full service brand licensing firm that performs services for some of the largest brands in the world: Kraft, Milk-Bone, A-1 Steak Sauce, Southern Comfort, Jell-o, Kool-Aid, Louisville Slugger, Oscar Mayer, TABASCO, and more . . .

Located in Louisville, Kentucky, IMC Licensing performs services including royalty administration, due diligence and licensee selection, product development, and of course, the legal support to go along with these IP issues.  On doing deals in the trademark licensing market, IMC adds the following:

Licensing is not a one-way street, but succeeds only where the needs of licensor, licensee and retailers intersect. IMC Licensing has thrown itself into that intersection to meet every possible partner. We don’t just do deals; we do only the right deals for our clients.

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