uncitralI have posted previously on the continued discussions by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Working Group VI (Security Interests) regarding issues in intellectual property that are raised by the inconsistencies between intellectual property law and secured transactions law. These issues have become the focal point for this Group as they attempt to put together an IP addendum to the Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions, which is to be adopted by member states.

IP Finance has kept up with the progress as well, and will be hosting a seminar tomorrow for business persons wishing to voice their opinions about their respective viewpoints and busines positions that will be affected. The seminar has 90 attendees thus far, and more are welcome at their SITE.  A working outline of the important issues has been created by IP Finance and distributed to the attendees.  This outline can be found HERE.

More on the IP addendum and Working Group VI can be found HERE.  This progress is very important to the smooth coexistence of and collaboration between intellectual property and secured transactions.

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