ocean20tomo3Ocean Tomo launched its new website, OTI.com, a site for global IP market data with a touch of community atmosphere to go with it.  The site was introduced at the Ocean Tomo Spring 2009 Conference in San Francisco last week with a large display booth that attracted a lot of attention from conference attendees, including myself.  The site adds easy patent search tools to a murky market, contributing greatly to the movement for transparency that Ocean Tomo continues to lead.  The platform aggregates IP market news, blog posts (add IP Prospective to the blog roll!), and patent information, including transaction information aggregated from all the IP auctions held by Ocean Tomo.  The site is currently in its infant stage, as it was launched literally the night before the conference, and the infrastructure is still being created.  At the time being, it is free to register and use, but I am told that a subscription service will be launched at some point, so check it out soon!

Here is what the registration email I received says about the site and service:

Established jointly by Ocean Tomo and The Intellectual Property Exchange International (IPXI), OTI is community driven and the only comprehensive source of global intellectual property-based market information. OTI provides IP, finance, business and media professionals, an all-inclusive online platform containing the latest IP news and market pricing. OTI research tools and global patent and transaction data help drive intelligent business decisions in a highly competitive global economy.

OTI content is delivered in an easy to read, user-friendly format. The site’s homepage can be customized with widgets, allowing you to tailor the service to suit your individual needs. OTI is the only community-based platform that provides timely and actionable market intelligence integrating information from multiple sources including:

* patent data from 81 issuing jurisdictions
* analytical reports and research tools powered by PatentRatings(R)
* transaction data and services provided by Patent/Bid-Ask? (V 2.0)
* royalty reporting by RoyaltySource
* IP-based indexes from IPXI
* daily IP-related news aggregated from a number of established sources including IAM and IP Law360
* various IP based blogs and community comment

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