ot_logoAnother Ocean Tomo conference and auction is upon us, and perhaps this one has solicited the most curiosity from IP market outsiders because of the recent sale of the Ocean Tomo transactions practice to ICAP, including its well known auction platform. How will this transaction affect the public perception and success of these auctions? Was the auction platform really a “distressed asset”, as many have called it? These will be answered shortly. The turnout for this event, however, should prove that there is no lack of interest still brewing in the IP market. There will be five tracks of seminars instead of the usual three, and over 30 IP professionals have been solicited to speak.

Attendees will include the likes of intellectual property investment firm managers, such as Dan Henry of Altitude Capital Partners, successful serial inventors, such as Mark Gottlieb of Logic Mark, and even academics studying the evolution of the IP market, such as Bryan Hong of the Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley.

See more about the conference and auction at the IP Markets 2009 site.  I will be there, and plan to give a full report of the most important topics of discussion at the conference.

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