sherwood-65When Marty Pichinson spoke at last week’s Ocean Tomo conference in San Francisco on the topic of monetizing IP in distressed markets, I knew I wanted to feature his company next.  The man exudes the combination of IP market knowledge and personable confidence that can win over a crowded conference room, as well as a potential IP buyer.  Marty is the Co-Managing Director at Sherwood Partners LLC, which is a full service business consulting firm that deals in many markets besides just the IP market.  Nevertheless, the firm has honed  its “know-how” of the IP market to attract numerous IP sellers looking for a liquid outlet, providing them a “return on innovation”.  In short, Sherwood Partners is a place for IP sellers to turn in order to find a helping hand, or in the case of Marty Pichinson, a 1-2 punch, in the murky IP market.  Sherwood also offers consulting services in the restructuring arena involving IP.  As for me, I just hope I can hear Marty tell war stories again about how he’s strategically gotten buyers to purchase IP for 10 times its worth.

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