portfolio_128x128I’ve realized that the “IP Market Player of the Week” may also be a highly influential individual in the IP market, and should not be limited to firms and institutions.  Thus, this week’s “IP Market Player of the Week” is an individual working from within a large institution.

The position of IP asset manager is not one which is commonly held by the largest I-Banking institutions across the world. Nevertheless, Deutsche Bank, and more specifically one of its Directors, Marc Lucier, have formed a practice focused on asset finance, investment, and risk transfer involving intangible assets.  Such a group is not highly publicized - as it is hard to find any information on this practice on the website of any major I-Bank.  Still, thanks to Lucier’s continued efforts to educate others about intangible asset investment opportunities through his position as Chair of the IA Markets Committee of the Intangible Asset Finance Society, we know that there is space for this work on Wall Street.  Lucier recently published a very interesting article in the IAM 2010 Yearbook: IP Value titled Quantifying the Financial Impact of Reputation.  As the intangible asset’s investment opportunities grow, Lucier’s position at DB could be paralleled and reinforced at other I-Banks going forward.

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