coller1Progressive and successful intellectual property management involves not only the expertise of a lawyer, but also integrates knowledge and experience from various disciplines of the IP market, including valuation, sales, accounting, tax, and the ability to navigate the market with a network of relationships and an understanding of the market players.  This was the reason London-based Coller IP Management was launched.  An off-shoot of private equity head, Coller Capital, the IP consultancy combines commercial and technology expertise with patent and trademark lawyers to offer somewhat of a departure from the boutique IP law firm.  The business experience is crucial to the commercialization process.  As Coller’s site explains:

At Coller IP Management we understand that realising value from your intellectual property and wider intellectual capital is vital to your business. We combine patent attorney and commercial expertise to deliver intellectual property (IP) management and evaluation services that unlock the potential of your business assets. We work at all levels within organisations, from start ups to multinationals, and with the investor community.

Our experienced, inter-disciplinary team includes business, technology and marketing consultants, IP specialists and patent and trade mark attorneys, who work with organisations of all sizes to develop and commercialise innovative ideas to their best possible advantage.

We extend beyond patent and trade mark attorney services to provide IP strategy, competitor analysis, valuations and clear legal opinions. Working with us, you can be confident of the value of your intellectual property investments and how to protect them.

Coller Capital has been at the forefront of progressive investing in intellectual property and start-ups for some time now.  After sitting through a presentation by a representative of the IP Management group, I realized this was a different service than is offered by other IP consultants and management services, because there is an emphasis in adding commercial and financial expertise to the equation.  As a lawyer that deals mainly with intellectual property in the corporate context, I understand the importance of this ingredient. 

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