acaciatechlogoAcacia Technologies LLC, or otherwise known as the licensing company under the umbrella of the publicly traded Acacia Research Corporation (NASDAQ: ACTG), is “in the business of acquiring, developing, licensing and enforcing patents.” (from Acacia’s website)  With over 100 patented technologies in their repertoir, Acacia generates revenue through licensing patents for “primarily individual inventors and small companies with limited resources to deal with unauthorized users.”   According to Acacia’s Fact Sheet, the firm has generated revenue through at least 52 different licensing programs, which have struck deals with licensees such as Sony, Dell, Exxon, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Sanyo, Toshiba, Tribune, Xerox, Walt Disney, 3M, and others. 

For an interesting presentation of the licensing market from a macro viewpoint, check out this Presentation on Patent Licensing that Acacia has put together.  Presentation on Patent Licensing Market

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