Good information on IP, IP management, and IP investing is surprisingly hard to find. MBA and Law school courses cover most issues dealing with IP recognition, litigation, and protection, but few deal squarely with the issue of IP management and the burgeoning investment market focusing on intellectual property.

When it comes to this niche field, there is one firm that is leading the charge. Based out of Chicago, Ocean Tomo, a self-proclaimed Intellectual Capital Merchant Banc® firm is at the frontier of corporate IP management and investing. Undoubtedly, a number of Ocean Tomo’s services will be touched on in future discussions. One of these posts will cover the rising success of public IP Auctions held by the firm in respective cities worldwide, which provide much needed transparency in the IP market. Another will undoubtedly consider the future commencement of the Intellectual Property Exchange International, which purports to be the first stock market, so to speak, solely for IP investments. For now, I wish only to introduce to you a phenomenal bank of information in the form of webinars hosted by different Ocean Tomo executives and employees. Recent webinars have covered topics such as “Strategic Intellectual Property Monetization”, “Facilitating a Global IP Market”, and “Intellectual Property Strategies for VC and PE Investors”. You can find them HERE, and best of all, they are free. You can sign up to sit in on future webinars or watch archived ones.

Trust me . . . the direction of this firm and its spin-offs (IPXI) will be the future of IP management and investing.

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