light-bulb-moneyI have been waiting for this sort of collaborative venture.  According to a recent article on FindLaw, international law firm, Morrison & Foerster LLP, has entered into a collaboration with Northern California-based Ovidian Group, LLC, an IP asset management firm, to offer the kind of corporate IP management and consulting services that blend both law and business strategy.  This has been coming.  Clients are now demanding these sort of strategic consulting services that combine intellectual property and corporate management expertise with knowledge of the legal landscape that IP management covers.  Morrison & Foerster is the first law firm of which I am aware that has taken this kind of step, but I can guarantee they won’t  be the last.  IP boutiques and larger law firms that offer corporate services are being asked to combine both IP analysis skills with corporate operations knowledge, a sure sign that the IP marketplace is emerging.  I predict that this will continue to create a new sort of legal practice that purports to combine the IP strategist with the Patent counselor.

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