pulse-checkThe rising tide of the recession has brought with it a wave of change in our approach to commerce, but perhaps no transition has provided as much optimism as the growing share of commerce involving intellectual property assets. Intellectual property has been increasingly recognized as a burgeoning asset class, an important financing tool, and a revenue-generating instrument for exchange. Acknowledging this phenomenon, the United States has joined a global initiative to help push a common knowledge of this use of intellectual property, as well as to facilitate a legal regime that promotes the many opportunities for intellectual property in commerce. The initiative has focused on three chief areas: IP valuation, IP finance, and IP exchange.

For an expansion of the endeavors that the U.S. and the rest of the world are embarking upon to create standards and opportunities in IP valuation, finance, and exchange, read the entire article I authored which was published in this month’s issue of The Federal Lawyer.

See The Federal Lawyer’s website.

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